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Wahome Residence
Vertical Kitchen Garden


Landscape Architect

Ecoarch Solutions Limited, Lead landscape architect Carolyne Wanza

Project Location

Loresho, Nairobi

Project type

Kitchen Garden

Year of completion


UN Sustainable development goals

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sdg 3.png

City life calls for creativity especially if one is to eat clean and adequately; to his/her taste. Set at the suburbs of Nairobi City, the client’s kitchen garden needed a rethink of space to give maximum yield while consuming minimal space. The garden’s theme was an edible garden. The main feature consists of vertical kitchen gardens that were created using waste pipes that would have otherwise been disposed of as leftover waste from a construction site. To reduce their weight, a light planting mix was used. Due to their containment, plants consume less water as compared to when planted directly on the ground. The client has a good supply of herbs that are not only good for the taste buds but also have a variety of health benefits. With that, she is also able to save on cash that would have otherwise been used to purchase the same.


The kitchen herbs: Origanum vulgare (Oregano), Fragaria × ananassa (Strawberries), Mentha (mint), Ocimum basilicum (Basil), Salvia officinalis (Sage), Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) and Salvia rosmarinus (rosemary).

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