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The Social House
Hotel and Hospitality

The Social House is a brand that is centered on the more youthful emerging African Middle Class and other visitors from Europe, Asia, The Middle East and America.


The landscape concept for the Social House was to create a social, informal, playful ambience with an aim to surprise, enchant, intrigue and energise in equal measure.


Being that the plot area was quite with small outdoor spaces, we had to create room for plants on the walls by introducing succulent wall planters and an outdoor green wall around the pool area, which is the only garden space available at the hotel. The green walls enrich the outdoor space making the terraces very cosy for outdoor dining. Artificial wall plants were placed on the building façade to add a sense of ‘green’. Hanging plants were placed at the rooftop to allow them dangle down around the roof edge.


To add some playfulness to the hotel experience, sculptural garden art was incorporated into the front gardens and pool terraces to add some intrigue as you enter the hotel. These included exclamation marks, sculptural tree planters, a bed and half-human planters.


Creeper trellises incorporated with planters were used to screen unwanted views, separate balcony terraces and green up walls in a bid to soften the building envelope.


Interior wall plants and potted plants were also added to liven up the interior spaces.


The overall concept for the landscape design was to add as much ’brand-ness’ to the façade of the building, the interior spaces and in the outdoor spaces.

Landscape Architect

Richard Aghak and Lorraine Odhiambo

Project Location


Project type

Hotel and Hospitality

Year of completion


UN Sustainable development goals

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Meet the Landscape architect behind the project; Lorraine Odhiambo

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