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Merchant Towers
Roof Garden


Landscape Architect

Ruth Wanjiku

Project Location

Riverside, Nairobi.

Project type

Roof Garden

Year of completion


UN Sustainable development goals

sdg 11.png

The main project goal was to develop a courtyard garden between the four building blocks that would provide a serene environment for the users of the building.


In addition the garden would serve as a carbon sink and hence massing was a major design feature. Designing a roof garden is an exciting task and the designers had to work within certain limitations such as limited soil depth, root structure and structural limitations.  In addition, some of the roof garden areas had limited sunlight due to the height of the buildings and plant selection was crucial to ensure survival.


Due to the scarcity and cost of land in Nairobi, the green roof concept provides developers with a win-win solution of maximising plot coverage and providing open green spaces within the same property.

Meet the Landscape architect behind the project; Ruth Wanjiku

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