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International Hospice

The therapeutic hospice garden that is a backdrop for people fighting for their lives thus a higher level of responsibility as professionals. It is humbling to realize that the user is someone who is so vulnerable, someone who needs a refuge, a refuge from the pain that they are going through.


The design seeks to provide gardens of healing. The healing gardens consider how patients engage with the landscape, the birds they can hear chirping on the existing trees protected during construction, the calming vistas or scenes introduced and the feeling that patients experience when wheeled through the garden.


This is a medical hospice complex focused of patients with serious illnesses with the aim was to provide therapeutic gardens for patients that promote a sense of well being. The phased complex, which is the largest palliative care institution in East Africa, is composed of a winding ward building, welcome centre, hostel, education centre, cottages and a funeral home.

Landscape Architect

Ecological + Visua Landscapes. Lead landscape architect: Marion Mukolwe

Project Location

Eldoret, Eldoret County

Project type

Medical Hospice

Year of completion


UN Sustainable development goals

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