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KLC Church
Fellowship Garden

A key feature is the collection, storage and re-use of surface run-off to irrigate the garden. The water collected in an underground water tank, is filtered and cleaned before being reused for irrigation and cleaning. An important sustainability aspect in an area that is naturally hot and dry with a dependence on water supply from privately owned boreholes.


The park has created spaces for pockets of people to fellowship together, in different parts without interfering with each other, enriching the Sunday church service experience. It has transformed the church service experience from listening to sermons and rushing home, to a communal experience of fellowship increasing the sense of belonging and value of members and attending patrons.


The park also took into consideration Covid-19 protocols and provided hand washing areas crafted into the design as well as well-organized seating areas, well-spaced and positioned to enhance social distancing.

The garden has also created a source of income generation for the Church through activities such as renting out of the space for photoshoots and wedding receptions. Such income is going a long way in providing the requisite resources for the maintenance of the park.

Landscape Architect

Fredrik Omondi

Project Location

Merisho, Nkoroi, Kajiado

Project type

Church Fellowship Garden

Year of completion

90% completed as of 26th October 2020

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