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Kikuyu NMT Project
Street development


The NMT along Posta road was initiated as a pilot project towards pedestrianization of roads and prioritization of users on foot and bicycles. It links major public spaces and facilities such as:


1. Rehabilitated Kikuyu Train Station


2. New Market 3.existing Bus Park and Taxi rank


4. Government offices


The facilities include:


i. Walkway

ii. Cycling lane

iii. Street furniture and planting zone (Trees, Shrubs, and Groundcovers) iv.


Vehicular Parking There was an emphasis on inclusive access by Persons With Disabilities, the young and old due to the uneven building levels along the road. Ramps to lower buildings, recessed wheelchair bays were included in seats and a tabletop bump was introduced at the crossing.

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Landscape Architect

Brenda Kamande, Kiambu County Dept.

Project Location

Kikuyu Municipality, Kiambu County

Project type

Non-motorized transport facility

Year of completion


UN Sustainable development goals

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